Design and implement new shared services for 1200 offices spread over Belgium

Credoc is an ICT division of the royal federation of the Belgian notaries. With around 100 employees from all possible IT-branches and around fifty tailored made technology applications for the notary profession, it guides the notary for more than 10 years in the transition to the digital era.

Credoc was established in 2000, tasked to steer the notarial profession in the future, and make the profession of notary a forerunner in terms of dematerialization and administrative simplification.

Simplify the daily tasks needed for the studies, notary and his staff to manage more efficiently the dossiers and the interactions with the government.

Thanks to Credoc’s solutions, studies can share and Exchange their data with these actors electronically and in complete safety and confidence.

This makes the notary a high-tech profession and one of the main partners of the government in the e-Government projects.

Security is also the core activity of Credoc. As a trusted counselor, the notary and his staff must be able to work electronically with the highest level of security and trust.Credoc therefore translates the basic values and principles of studies to the digital world.For that reason, Credoc is paying particular attention to information security and privacy protection in developing the solutions.

Although it is part of the Royal Federation of Belgian Notaries, the structure and operation of Credoc is inherent to an IT company.

Credoc in a few figures

  • With around 100 employees from all IT sectors Credoc is the largest entity within the FRNB/KFBN group.
  • Credoc provides the 1165 notarial offices about 50 applications over the extranet to the studies, the e-notary. These applications contribute to the administrative simplification of the profession.
  • In total, more than 9000 users daily access the services provided by Credoc.

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